Meet the Alpha and win prizes! #paranormalromance #giveaways

Here’s a couple of fun events!

The first event is a ‘Meet the Alpha’ Facebook hop running from 27th July to 31st July. Don’t know what a Facebook hop is? It’s where a bunch of authors introduce you to the sexy alpha males featured in their books. All you have to do is follow the link to win fab giveaways and prizes here:
You’ll meet the gorgeous violet-eyed, shapeshifter, Drew from Violet Spirit, The Evoxian Legacies, and, don’t be shy, he wants to ask you a question!!

FB hop meet alpha


The second event is a fabulous giveaway! Follow your favourite authors and check out these prizes!
Brilliant books, $20 Amazon gift card and even a scented Damon Salvatore candle 😉
This one is running for a few weeks so you have plenty of time to enter as many times as you want.


Have fun and I hope to see you on the Facebook Meet the Alpha hop!
Here’s the direct link to meet shapeshifter Drew:

Or follow the hop here:


Abbey x

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