Online Book Launch Party! What if…? Short Fantasy Stories @abbeymacmunn #newrelease #paranormalromance #vampires #mermaids #aliens #ghosts

Online eBook release Party!!


You’re invited to join me on Facebook on Wednesday 4th April 7-9 pm (GMT) to celebrate the release of

What if…? Short Fantasy Stories: Vol 1. A magical collection of short stories.

Vampires, aliens and mermaids, oh my!

Readers: Join in, share, invite others or just pop in to say hello. There’ll be fun and games, author spotlights, prizes and more!
Authors: If you’d like to book a guest spot, promote your book(s), hold a contest, please get in touch. abbeymacmunn @ (no spaces)


Read an excerpt from Song of the Sirens:

I couldn’t decide if his grin was mocking me or not, but something about him ignited my curiosity. Why did he have the same necklace? How did he know my name? And why the bloody hell was he butt naked?

Dylan sat beside me and gazed out to sea. “Do you believe in mythical beings, like in your book of dragons and fairies?”

How was I supposed to answer him? In truth, most nights I dreamt about the magical worlds in my books and wished they were real, but if I told him that, he’d think I was crazy.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Possibly. I’d like to believe there are things in this world we don’t understand.”

He raised an eyebrow and I squirmed inside. Why couldn’t I keep my big mouth shut? I’d probably scared off the poor guy with my lonely-book-geek-who-believes-in-magic first impression.

But far from sending him sprinting, or stumbling, across the beach, his peculiar questions continued. “What about merfolk, do you think they might exist?”

Since ninety-five percent of the ocean still remained unexplored, I thought it unequivocally possible. I bit my lip. Geek central, that’s me. My eyes narrowed. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you know my name? Why have you got the same necklace as me?” And why are you wet and naked on a beach in the middle of winter?

Olive-green eyes fixed me with an intense stare. “I’m not sure you’re ready for the truth yet, Kai.”

My breath hitched as the colour of his irises altered before me, changing from olive-green to stormy-grey, then cobalt-blue to turquoise—exactly like the colours of the ocean.

His face lit up and he offered another megawatt smile. “You see it, don’t you? Perhaps you are ready.”

My heartbeat thumped a frantic rhythm against my ribcage. Without warning, he hugged me. His delectably chilly body drenched my clothes. I didn’t mind.

“What am I ready for?” I whispered against his soaking, sea-scented hair.

“To learn what you are and where you come from.”


What if…? is available to buy on Amazon: 



Facebook event Wednesday 4th April 7 – 9 pm (GMT)



Looking forward to seeing you there!

Abbey x

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