What if…? A magical short story collection by @abbeymacmunn #Coverreveal #PNR #shortstories #fantasyromance

I’m delighted to share the cover of my new book, What if…? Short Fantasy Stories: Volume 1.



A magical short story collection from paranormal romance author Abbey MacMunn.

What would you do if you discovered you were a ghost, or a mermaid, or even an alien? Or perhaps vampires are more your thing?

First Bite: When vampire-obsessed waitress Madison meets her very own dark prince, is she ready to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Ghost: All Sarah wanted was a chance at a happy life, but as her husband lies dying on the hospital bed, can she confess her ghostly secret?

Song of the Sirens: Found alone on the beach as a child, Kai has always been drawn to the ocean, but can the sudden appearance of a soaking-wet, naked Adonis offer the truth about what she is?

Otherworldly Dreams: Art student Amy dreams of strange alien galaxies, but what if learning the truth takes her out of this world?

Available to preorder now!

Amazon US https://tinyurl.com/y6wwjvm9

Amazon UK https://tinyurl.com/y89h8a6t

Universal link  myBook.to/Whatif1

If you’d like an ARC (advance reader copy) in exchange for an honest review, please email  abbeymacmunn @ gmail.com (no spaces)



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