Eye of the Storm series by Dianna Hardy @TheWitchingPen #ParanormalFantasy #werewolves

The erotic, paranormal fantasy, werewolf series that’s got everyone hot under the collar: first book FREE.   Combining fast-paced action, dark humour, with elements of romance and horror, the Eye Of The Storm series takes us on a journey alongside werewolves and their enemy, The Tridents, beginning with Lydia – a twenty-five-year-old waitress trying to… Continue reading Eye of the Storm series by Dianna Hardy @TheWitchingPen #ParanormalFantasy #werewolves

Wide Awake Asleep by @Louise_Wise #TimeTravelRomance @rararesources

This time travel romance by Louise Wise is definitely going on my TBR pile! Wide Awake Asleep Can you really be on the WRONG path in life? No one knew she was driving on that stretch of road. No one saw her car leave the highway and crash into a watery ditch. No one heard… Continue reading Wide Awake Asleep by @Louise_Wise #TimeTravelRomance @rararesources