“Wow! I’ve never met an author before.” #StarryEyes #amwriting


Something amusing happened to me the other day, and I thought I’d share it with you. I wonder if any fellow authors have experienced anything similar?

I’m talking about people’s reaction when you tell them you’re an author.

So, I went for a job interview, my first ever interview at 47 years old (I’ve always been self-employed). The first thing the interviewer said to me was, ‘Wow, I’ve never met an author before’. Taken aback, I replied, ‘Oh, well, we’re quite normal really,  we just have weird things going on in our heads’

Yeah, I know, not the best answer, but I was nervous…

She then proceeded to ask questions about my book, the genre I write, and even looked up my book on her computer.

The interview ended. It seemed like a lovely place to work, the staff were friendly and I thought it went well.

Obviously not! I didn’t get the job and I’m not surprised.

I think I might have been a little too enthusiastic about my writing. When I went over the interview in my head later that day, I realised I talked more about my writing than the actual job I was applying for!

I’d love to hear what reactions you’ve had when people learn you’re an author. Please share!

Abbey x

One thought on ““Wow! I’ve never met an author before.” #StarryEyes #amwriting

  1. I’d say it wasn’t your fault. The interviewer is the one who deviated from the interview. You just supplied the answers she was looking for. Maybe she bought your book??


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