‘We would like to offer you a publishing contract’ #amwriting #inspiration

A year ago today, I opened an email that every aspiring author longs for. You know the one, the email you’ve dreamt of since the day you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

‘We would like to offer you a contract.’

This happened to me a year ago, and what a year of ups and downs it has been. I won’t lie, even though being offered a publishing contract was what I wanted, it hasn’t been easy.

Writing my fantasy romance, getting advise on and signing a contract, editing the mauscript on a tight deadline and agreeing on a cover design, were all things I had to do before the actual publishing date. But, while none of that was easy, the hardest part for me, and still is, is the huge learning curve of marketing and promoting a book.

This, I fear, is not my forte.

While sales of TOUCHED have been okay, my book is not going to be a best seller, but hopefully as I gain experience on what works and doesn’t work in the world of book marketing, my sales and discoverability will improve. And with another book currently under consideration, and another ready to submit soon, who knows what lies in the future?

Abbey x

To buy TOUCHED or to read an excerpt, or see what the reviewers are saying, go here: bit.ly/1W26opd

2 thoughts on “‘We would like to offer you a publishing contract’ #amwriting #inspiration

  1. Hi Abbey – I think we must both be having a reflective afternoon – I’ve just posted a blog about the one year anniversary of my book being published…. with Tirgearr! As such, I can really relate to your post – getting our books published was just the beginning and I too struggle with promoting and marketing. But we’ll get there, I’m sure – Tirgearr is a wonderfully supportive publisher, with a great group of authors who are keen to support each other. Let’s keep on keeping on 🙂

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