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Please welcome Lorraine M.L.M to my blog today. She’s here to talk about her new release, SeQuence Aligned, book two in her YA  fantasy romance series, The Heart of the Ocean.



A young love. A new world. Four Kingdoms in a Game of Sequence. Who wins when Life and Death are on the line?

Alessia and Dante’s love has blossomed. Their Sequence of Hearts is sturdier than ever, but the shield that protects Tuscania is weakening and an invasion is imminent. Everyone knows Alessia’s new-found power is the key–especially Alessia. Unfortunately, the energy inside her is unstable and expediting her training could have devastating consequences. But that’s exactly what must be done.

Whisked away to a secluded training facility, Alessia is forced to put aside all distractions, including Dante, to fully focus on the Sequence of Peace.

But power always comes at a price. When Dante falls deathly ill, Alessia abandons her training to go to him, but she never makes it. Instead, she’s kidnapped and dragged outside the shield where she’s more helpless than she was back on Earth. As the captive of a vengeful madman, Alessia has only her wits and her will to save herself and the world she’s come to cherish.



Dante’s Chain of Thought

In a Game of Sequence, when you’re faced with certain death, there are only two options to you—Zeneshians and humans alike. Be bold, or cry yourself to sleep, but neither makes you a hero, for death is, without question, the master of all life.

Each moon-day that you’re alive, you’re running from him–death, such is his nature to chase…like a hunt…only this hunter is unyielding, unmerciful, tenacious. For as long as you can, you dodge this unalterable shadow or try to…but relentlessly, death pursues you. You stop, and he, too, takes a breather, watching you from a distance.

You pick yourself up, stagger across the land, running when you can, plodding, crawling, feeling as if your breath is being sucked out of you. Succumbing to your fate, you finally trip and fall. Death stops and appears to feel your pain.

Again, not wanting to concede defeat, you find your willpower. You wobble to your feet. At that time, the rain is thumping so hard you feel each bruise. A moment after, the sun is scorching the life out of you, but still, you carry on. Why? Because you have a path to follow, a destination to reach, a Sequence to fulfil. With hope and faith, you aim to make your life worth something.

Inevitably, death catches up, for he is the result of living. What eats you up and threatens to kill you before death has done his final deed is regret.

What could I have done differently? What did I do with the time I was given to live? You forage for answers. In those final moments, when you get into that empty space and invisible walls are caving in, what makes you strong is one greater than death and denser than life. Love. To live is to love—loving is living! There’s a sequence to life, love, and death, and regardless of how hard one tries, no one can escape it!



Youtube SeQuence Book Trailer

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Lorraine M.L.M writes young adult romantic fiction. Her love for reading prompted her passion for writing. She loves all genres of romance but has a special and inherent interest in Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Romance in particular uplifting and thought provoking fiction. Her YA Fantasy/Romance debut novel, “SeQuence” was shortlisted for the 2015 Love Stories New Talent Award.


My first love – The Heart of the Ocean Series

The Heart of the Ocean Series is my first love for writing. Just over four years ago, I grabbed my pen, and an A3 sized paper and began writing a story that was supposed to never end. Strange but true. I’ve always been an avid reader and everytime I read a good book, I would fall in love with the characters so much that they became just like my friends. But there was always a problem…heartache when the book ended. I had to say goodbye to my friends and search for new friends. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I needed more. I had to have more. This need to have stable characters that stayed with me forever prompted the Heart of the Ocean Series. The plan was to write a story that never ended just for me, but as the story evolved I wanted to share it with others, and here we are.

There are two fundamental themes in this Series; Romance and Fantasy. I’ve always loved a good romance and I can’t possibly imagine this story without my hero, Dante. He’s not human but he’s a profound thinker, a trait I absolutely adore, whilst my heroine, Alessia is a sweet and endearing young human girl with a lot to learn. I think the couple provide the right balance for each other.

The fantasy setting is one that resonates with me because I grew up hearing stories of a world underneath the sea. These stories were were passed down from generation to generation, sadly, they have never found a voice. I want to be that voice. Besides my love for the ocean, I’ve always been fascinated by what else lies beneath unfathomable depths of the deep-blue sea, and since I started writing SeQuence and SeQuence Aligned, I’m even more intrigued by the possibilities of what else is down there. That’s how Alessia’s journey began. Her story needed to be told, and four years later I’m still telling it and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I love writing it.


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