I am on a diet. Week One: Motivation and Mood Swings. #diet #Monday Motivation #SlimFast


My first week on the Slim Fast Diet and I’ve lost 4lbs.


I’ve never lost that much in a week. I’m absolutely thrilled, and more determined than ever to continue. On the start of any diet motivation is high; you’re raring to go, trying new recipes and itching to get on those scales, and it was no different for me.

For me, the hardest parts this week were drinking two litres of water every day and trying to exercise, but I’ve been fully committed to this diet and stuck to a rigid plan. I’ve been moody (so my family tell me) but I resisted temptation – just.

Want to know how I did it?

Below is my meal plan for the week. You’ll notice the calorie intake is very low, lower than the recommended amount, but I did this purposely to give myself a kick-start and to see how disciplined I could be. Next week I plan to up the calories a little and introduce a snack or two.

Day One:

Mango juice

Slim Fast strawberry shake

Slim Fast spaghetti Bolognese

Weight Watchers chicken & lemon

Tea with milk

2L water

Total calories: 752

Day Two:

Slim Fast Porridge

Smoothie (homemade)

Slim Fast vanilla shake

2 pieces of sushi

Asian chicken noodle salad

Tea with milk

2L water


Total calories: 679

Exercise: Walked to get my son from school, 25 minutes there and back – bloody hell, it nearly killed me!!! I live on a hill, I hate exercise, I felt dizzy and sick, but hopefully this will improve each week.

Day Three:

SF shake

WW chicken soup



Diet coke

Roast dinner (carefully calorie controlled)

Tea with milk

2L water

Diet pepsi

Total: 987

This came in at just over 600 calories!!

Day Four:

Slim Fast Porridge

Slim Fast Spaghetti Bolognese

Pineapple chunks

Chicken curry (homemade)

Tea with milk

Diet Pepsi

2L water

Total calories: 785

Hunger pangs set in. My stomach rumbled all day even after I’d eaten.

Had a sneaky weigh in and lost five pounds!

Day Five:

SF porridge

WW chicken noodle soup with one slice seeded brown bread

Steak salad

Tea with milk

Pineapple chunks

2L water

Total: 756

Felt hungry again, but still resisted temptation.

Exercise: Walked again on the school run – still nearly killed me!! It was freezing cold too, but at least I didn’t sweat.

Day Six:

SF porridge

Asian chicken noodle salad

3 slices of ham

WW curry and 6 skinny chips

Tea with milk

2L water

Pineapple chunks

Total: 824

Day Seven:

SF porridge

2 slice ham

Four mini hash browns

SF spaghetti Bolognese

Tomato soup (homemade) with bread

2L water

Tea with milk

Total: 805

Felt a bit fed up as I got on the scales and have lost four pound not five. Still, four pounds loss is still good.

Join me next week so see how I got on in week two of the Slim Fast Challenge.


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