I am on a diet. Again! #diet #willpower #positivethinking


I am on a diet. Again!

I’m approaching fifty, and I’m fat and frumpy. I admit it. There.

I didn’t used to be fat, I used to be super skinny, even after having four kids I was only a size 10/12, but over the last few years, the stones have piled on. My stomach is bigger than my boobs, and my backside? Let’s just say Kim K times three!

So why have I decided to start my diet today, and what gave me the incentive to actually do it this time?

Well, I have this ‘thing’ that I have to go to later this year. Sorry I can’t be more specific, it has to be kept a secret at the moment, but I will let you know as soon as I’m allowed! All I can say is that it will involve having a photograph taken of me.

Shock, horror, I have to get a photo done??!! This fills me with dread and brings me out in a cold sweat. My stomach is churning just thinking about it.

So, diet it is then. No more chocolate for me!

I woke up this morning full of positivity and raring to go. The idea is to write a blog post once a week to track my progress. My hope is that by writing it down it will help me stay focused.

My long-term goal is to lose 3 stone, which is a lot, so I’m going to set a short-term goal of half a stone a month.

After looking at several other diets, I’ve decided to give Slim Fast a try, so I’ve bought a few things to get started.


I’ll keep a daily diary of what I eat, how I’m feeling, recipe ideas, weight loss etc, then post once a week on my progress. Anyone else on a dieting journey? Perhaps we could swap tips?

Abbey x

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