My Top Ten favourite fantasy TV shows

I grew up in the 70s watching shows such as Dr. Who, Star Trek and Wonder Woman, and the first movie my dad took me to see was Star Wars, so it’s no surprise that my love for fantasy/sci fi followed into adulthood.
Here’s my Top Ten Fantasy TV Shows.
·         1. THE ORIGINALS – love, love, love this show!
·         2. VAMPIRE DIARIES – okay, this one might not be my second choice, but since The                Originals is a spin-off, I wanted to give it credit.
·         3. CHARMED – haven’t seen this for a while but I still remember the Power of Three:               Prue, Piper and Phoebe, then later on, Paige.
·         4. SUPERNATURAL – which Winchester brother is your favourite?
·         5. PENNY DREADFUL – dark and disturbing – not for the fainthearted!
·         6. ARROW – Oliver Queen – enough said.
·         7. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – classic.
·         8. DR. WHO – favourite doctors, David Tennant and Matt Smith.
·         9. STAR TREK. THE NEXT GENERATION – make it so.
·         10. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
There are many, many more like Grimm, True Blood, Lost, Once upon a Time etc. I want to say Game of Thrones too, but I’m in the minority of people who have not seen much of GoT. Shock! Where have I been?! 
Unfortunately, I missed the first series and I absolutely cannot watch something unless it’s from the very beginning, otherwise it’s like starting to read a book from page 50. Thank goodness for box sets because I’ve just started to watch it and I’m already hooked. I just need about a month with nothing to do to catch up!
I hope you saw a few of your favourites there too, but if there’s an awesome show you think deserves a mention, and I’m sure there is, please feel free to post in the comments below. And no plot spoilers for game of Thones please!


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