Blue soup, barbecues and writing inspiration

My debut paranormal romance, TOUCHED, has just been released into the world and I was asked if my main character, Cami Wilson, is anything like me. The answer to that is yes and no.
Cami is a hybrid, the offspring of an immortal mother and mortal father, so obviously no similarities there.
She worries her backside is too big. Well, yes, I can relate to that part!
Also, inspired by my late mum, I decided to make Cami a total whizz in the kitchen, unlike me. There’s a scene in TOUCHED when Cami has fun making pancakes with Joseph, her super-hot immortal guardian. And he can cook too.
Alas, I am not a good cook. I’m a mum of four, I get by, and I haven’t given anyone food poisoning – yet!
My kids, love them, constantly remind me of my culinary disasters. While my intentions are good, and there hasn’t been a Bridget Jones’ blue soup incident, there have been plenty more.
Like the Fishless Fish Pie.
I swear I spooned a pound and a half of fish into the white sauce, covered it with mashed potato and popped it into the oven, but when we came to eat it, the fish had mysteriously disappeared. We ended up eating what was basically potato in white sauce. Yum!
Then there was the Lasagne Disaster.
Normally, I’m not too bad with lasagne, but this particular one, I decided to try out my new dried herb set. ‘Give it a bit of extra flavour,’ I thought, or as the top chefs like to say, ‘Elevate something ordinary into something worthy of a Michelin star restaurant.’ Well, needless to say, I over-did the oregano and basil and the thing tasted like a herb garden.
Another meal catastrophe was the Roast Dinner Salmonella Scare.
In my defence, we’d just moved into a new house and I was using an unfamiliar oven. We were hungry, the oven was taking forever to cook anything so I turned up the temperature. I burnt the roast potatoes but the chicken was so undercooked we had to throw it away.
So is there anything I can cook?
I’m happy to say, yes there is! A lemon dessert, a recipe handed down from my mum. It’s so delicious I get asked to make it at family gatherings, and it’s absolutely perfect for a summer barbecue. And the best thing? It’s quick to make and so super easy even I can’t mess it up!
With its biscuit base topped with a mixture of double cream, lemon juice and sweet, condensed milk, it’s fair to say that Lemon Crunch is not the lightest in calories, but it’s summer—we’re all eating healthy salads, right?
If you’d like to give it a go, you can find the recipe here
Thanks for reading,

Abbey x

Originally posted on Romance Books 4 Us Blog
TOUCHED is available to buy now.

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