The no ‘E’ challenge. Can you do it?


no e challenge

No, it’s not some kind of miracle diet where you can eat anything you like as long as it doesn’t start with the letter E. Although, as diet fads go, and believe me, I’ve tried a few, that idea is no crazier than any other. But back to the ‘No ‘E’ Challenge’. What is it?

It’s a writing challenge.

Get those brain cells working and try to write several paragraphs, or a short story, without using the letter E.

Go on, give it a go – it’s not as easy as it sounds but it is fun!

Post your replies below, or post a link to your website/blog. Share it, then challenge your writely friends too.

Here’s mine:


6.AM. Morning dawns bright and sunny.

‘Oh no!’ I cry, ‘It’s sports day.’ I look skywards, hoping for rain clouds, and spy nothing but a vast span of cobalt sky. With not a cloud in sight.

My son’s sports day is not a day I look forward to as my bookworm son is not sporty in any way. But I’m okay with this. Is it wrong that I’m a mum who only wants my son to join in and not to win?

‘Jack, it’s sports day,’ I call.

My small lad runs in and says, ‘What if I’m last again?’

I say to him, ‘It’s taking part on sports day that counts, Jack. Winning is just a bonus.’

‘Okay, Mummy.’ My son grins. ‘I’ll do it, but can I go back to my book now?’

I grin too.

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